Spotlight on Photographer Jason Q. Tran

I thought I’d document our Union Station engagement photo session which now seems was taken long ago. It was actually taken around March last year to be exact. JD and I have had a LONG engagement and we’re so ready now to bring our butts to the altar.

I remember when I set out to look for a photographer I must have skimmed dozens and dozens of photography blogs. I remember liking one particular photographer for his/her style then a different one for his/her style and so on. Photography was a priority on my list that I didn’t want to skimp on because like they say - once the wedding’s over all you have left of it are your photographs.

Jason was actually a referral from Sarah K. Chen during my hunt and I was for sure glad I came across his site. What struck me the most about his work was that he had that textured artsy type of post-editing  that I liked so much. I was definitely looking for artsy fartsy. I also appreciated the diverse range in his style. His images don’t have just one type of look  that’s always the same for every image he takes and every wedding he shoots. Different images of his encapsulated all the various styles that I liked from other photographers. His work was all those different styles wrapped in 1 photographer so I knew if I requested a certain look, Jason could adapt like a chameleon. I also liked that he had a background in fashion photography and graphic arts - if I remember correctly. I notice artistic images are evident of a photographer’s background in other creative arts. Jason was a perfect find for what I sought and he sure delivered at our engagement shoot.

You’re probably thinking “Damn this girl is meticulous about picking a photographer.” I don’t even know much about photography at all, but I do know when I see something I like. Plans for the engagement shoot played out the same way. I had a clear vision of the look I was aiming for and Jason welcomed my ideas and jumped on board. I love how he’s open to ideas and willing to join in a collaborative effort. It was quite a fun adventure.

The day of our engagement session right before we started, I had a freak toe stubbing accident that left 1/3 of my big toenail hanging off. I tried not to make a big deal out of it and draw too much attention to it cause it was kind of embarrassing. JD and Jason looked at my bloody toe in horror and disbelief as I casually swung my bloody toe in my cute red heels explaining that really it didn’t hurt that bad. Jason was kind enough to hurry to the nearest restroom to bring back a damp paper towel and get me cleaned up. Guess a bloody toe doesn’t make for pretty pictures :-)

I remember laughing when I read another bride’s review on that her family nicknamed Jason the “ninja photographer” cause he’d pop up out of nowhere, snap the shot, and be gone. JD and I thought the exact same thing at our shoot because we tried to be as inconspicuous as possible since I heard rumors that we weren’t allowed to photograph at Union Station. Jason would quickly snap a shot and literally we’d wonder where he went right after. haha! On the flipside of that he really takes the time to place a couple  and set up a shot. If you’re a couple conscientious about what to do or how to pose, you’re in good hands. At times we felt awkward and at a loss as to what to do with our bodies and Jason knew how to give great direction as well as capture candids. He worked his butt off so much in fact that we were starving at the end of our shoot and stuffed our faces silly with sushi afterwards at the nearest Little Tokyo restaurant. He took that much time and put that much effort with us.

I had contacted other photographers before Jason and surprisingly when I asked to view online proofing galleries from real weddings  I was a bit disappointed that a considerable amount of their photos weren’t as impressive as their photos on their blog. This was not the case with Jason. He’s the real deal and puts that much care not just into his blog photos. He’s blown up quite a bit since we first booked with him and we’re glad we found him and can’t wait to work with him again on our upcoming wedding. Jason is a sincere, kind, hard-working, talented professional that deserves all the recognition he’s been receiving. Guess this is my review :-) Here are some of our photos from our shoot.  Click to see more of Jason’s work here. Geez this was a long post!




The above was my fave of the day



Jason spotted this cool English dude named Rocket to be in our photo. He was really sweet.


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    your e-pics are awesome! loved seeing them again!

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